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Dirty Work 2 by Erica Hilton

Dirty Work Part 2
by Erica Hilton

Shots Fired After his brother is murdered, Kid Kane has no choice but to stand up to the opposition. Feeling invincible under the cloak of anonymity with a beautiful woman and a ride-or-die crew by his side, Kid formulates his revenge. Jessica has to constantly watch her back after a falling out with her friends, […]

Dirty Work by Erica Hilton

Dirty Work
by Erica Hilton

*PRE-ORDER NOW* Books will be shipped 12/05/2017 Poisoned Pawn Harlem brothers, Kip and Kid Kane, are like night and day. While Kip is with his stick-up crew hitting ballers and shot-callers, the wheelchair-bound Kid is busy winning chess tournaments and being a genius. Kip’s ex, Eshon, and her girls, Jessica and Brandy, put in work […]

Mafioso 4 by Nisa Santiago

Mafioso Part 4
by Nisa Santiago

Together They Fall With both Scott and Layla West behind bars, it’s now up to Bugsy and Lucky to run the family businesses. Lucky quickly steps into Layla’s shoes, but being second-in-command to an absentee boss has her feeling unsatisfied. She wants to sit at the helm of the organization with or without her mother’s […]

Mafioso 3 by Nisa Santiago

Mafioso Part 3
by Nisa Santiago

Divided They Stand Chaos, betrayal, and turmoil have divided the West family into two factions. When the Mafioso squares off against a Boss Bitch, things are bound to get explosive. Layla begins her solo reign of terror with seed money stolen from her estranged husband, Scott. Boss Bitch Incorporated’s only purpose is to weaken and defeat […]

Mafioso 2 by Nisa Santiago

Mafioso Part 2
by Nisa Santiago

*PRE-ORDER NOW* Books will be shipped 01/16/2018 Blast from the Past Payback is a bitch named Maxine. She’s a once-demure law student who’s finally free after serving time for a murder she didn’t commit. Maxine has a score to settle, and she’s now driven to return the favor of destruction. Her kill list, unknowingly financed by […]

Mafioso by Nisa Santiago

by Nisa Santiago

*PRE-ORDER NOW* Books will be shipped 10/17/2017 Ambitions as a Mobster Scott West and his wife Layla have an infatuation with the Mafioso way of life. Armed with what they’ve learned, they assemble their own family based on the careers of the most successful mobsters and are now in charge of a powerful crime family. […]

Cheap Girls Club Recipes

Cheap Girls Club™: Recipes
by Crystal Lacey Winslow

*PRE-ORDER NOW* Books will be shipped 01/16/2018 Eat Healthy Without Breaking the Bank! Order takeout or shop the middle of the supermarket most of the time? Breaking the bank by dining at overpriced, over-hyped restaurants? Stop! Grab a plate and listen. Winslow will school you on how to serve up clean, delicious food for cheap. […]

Cheap Girls Club: Finance

Cheap Girls Club™: Finance
by Crystal Lacey Winslow

*PRE-ORDER NOW* Books will be shipped 11/21/2017 Tired of Being Broke? Join the Club. Ever wonder why it seems like the cheap girls of the world belong to an exclusive club? Wonder why they have a Zen-like nature while you’re struggling to make the rent? Answer: Money. It’s high time to save more and stress […]

The Criss Cross by Crystal Lacey Winslow

Criss Cross
by Crystal Lacey Winslow

Life, Love & Loneliness Book 2 Nikki Ling is half black and Japanese. She’s independent, street-smart and the daughter of a prostitute. Living in the mean streets of East New York and Bedford Stuyvesant Brooklyn she’s forced to make a living the only way she knows how. When a wealthy, South African diplomat asks for […]