Crystal Lacey WinslowCrystal Lacey Winslow

Melodrama’s Queen Pen

Crystal Lacey Winslow, a native of New York City, draws on both her human and environmental experiences for inspirations for her writings.  The result is a unique and melodramatic storytelling technique.

Crystal continues to entertain and inspire thousands of avid readers, aspiring writers, and entrepreneurs.  She shows no signs of slowing down and assures that there will be many more melodramatic works to come from this brilliantly talented woman.

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Nisa SantiagoNisa Santiago

Nisa Santiago is an American and national bestselling novelist who has made a name for herself in the crime fiction genre. In 2009 she wrote her first novel, Cartier Cartel, which garnered rave reviews. By 2011, she charmed her way into the readers’ hearts when she penned, Bad Apple – The Baddest Chick. The series protagonist, Apple, has guaranteed Nisa Santiago a built-in fan base that has expanded each year, per book.

In her spare time she loves cooking, yoga, meditation, and hanging with friends and family.

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Erica Hilton

Erica Hilton’s ability to switch up her writing style is undeniably her greatest feat.

From the hardcore storyline of 10 Crack Commandments, where the lyrics of the The Notorious BIG are broken down and woven into a thick fictional plot, to the more female driven narrative of Wifey: From Mistress to Wifey, Erica Hilton covers all the bases.

Erica currently lives in California with her husband and two dogs, Jay and Bee.

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Kim K.

Authoress Kim K’s says her debut novel, Sheisty Chicks, was inspired by real-life events–snapshots taken from her years as a child in and out of the New York City foster system. At sixteen, Kim was tossed into a group home by a judge for allegedly pulling out a weapon on a neighborhood bully. Now, at twenty years old, she’s reformed, in college and working on an Associate Degree in Journalism. Kim feels her missteps in her past have shaped her future positively.

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J.M. Benjamin

J.M. Benjamin is a successful author, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker from Plainfield, New Jersey. Since 2005 he has received numerous accolades and recognition for his Essence bestselling novel Ride or Die Chick and award-winning novel Down in the Dirty. Most recently, J.M. launched an independent monthly newspaper called Success News, highlighting and offering recognition to minorities who have overcome adversities to become successful.

Menace by Crystal Lacey Winslow, Shannon Holmes, et. al

Erick S. Gray

Erick S. Gray’s climb to success in the literary genre has been fortunate, but also nothing but trials and tribulations for this gifted thirty-seven year old writer from Jamaica, Queens. Since his debut in 2003 with Booty Call, he’s been consistent with over 14 books published, participated in many anthologies, novellas and helped co-write the Streets of New York trilogy within the span of ten years. His style of writing has been known to be raunchy, but also fruitful. His diversity in story telling makes him one of the most prolific writers of the genre.

Menace by Crystal Lacey Winslow, Shannon Holmes, et. al

Al-Saadiq Banks

Al-Saadiq Banks is a Best Selling Author of nine titles, which include, No Exit, Block Party1-4, Sincerely Yours, Caught em Slippin‘, Strapped and Young Gunz. Al- Saadiq Banks made his entrance into the literary world in 2002. Al-Saadiq Banks and his brother Naim Banks formed a publishing house under the imprint of True 2 Life Publications, using their first title No Exit as a launching pad to knock the doors of the genre off the hinges, selling approximately 90,000 books the first year.

Menace by Crystal Lacey Winslow, Shannon Holmes, et. al

Nahisha McCoy

Nahisha McCoy: I’m a mother, wife, and a full-time student. I am the Program Coordinator for the R. H. I non-for-profit agency the operates a Middle School, after-school program in the Red Hook Community. I am also the secretary of my son’s PTA as well as the Community Outreach Coordinator for DTE in Red Hook.

I love my life and my family and that is most important to me.

You Showed Me by Nahisha McCoy


STORM is a thirty-something freelance writer and editor based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. A wife and mother of 2 boys, she brings sophistication, street-wise sensibilities and her love of language to contemporary, urban fiction. A child prodigy, STORM attended universities in Virginia and Philadelphia and hold a Bachelor of Arts degree. Over the past ten years, she has lent her literary talents to a variety of technical writing, research, and organizational development projects.

Eva Series by Storm | Den of Sin by Storm

Kiki Swinson

Kiki Swinson is the national bestselling author of over 30 novels and short stories. A star of the street lit genre–crime novels in an urban setting–Swinson’s works feature resilient women making tough, and sometimes not entirely legal, decisions to survive. Her books, inspired by her experiences and a five-year stint in federal prison, have sold over 1 million copies. She completed her first novel while incarcerated and her second novel, Wifey, became the first book in one of today’s best-selling street lit series. A native of Portsmouth, Virginia, and a former hustler’s wife, Swinson resides in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

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Denise Coleman

Denise Coleman was born and raised in Camden, New Jersey where she still resides. As an avid reader, her love of the written word has grown into a passionate desire to share her stories with the world. Her intention is to write novels that garner a multitude of emotions from the reader. Anything from, laughter to tears or joy to pain. Whatever makes you feel or think. Join Denise’s journey and please enjoy the ride.

Drama with a Capital D by Denise Coleman

Linda Brickhouse

Linda Brickhouse is a native New Yorker, born and raised in Brooklyn. As a self-proclaimed Queen she promises to claim her place in this world. Her wicked smile and crazy eyes betray her warm heart and kind words. Her mantra is the very definition of who she has become. “I came into this world a warrior. Yet I am destined to reign as a Queen.” Single parenting her sons is her greatest challenge, but she proudly yells, “I wouldn’t have it any other way.” As a City employee for the last ten years she has inherited another sense of colorful antics to combat the everyday melodrama.

Jealousy: The Complete Saga by Linda Brickhouse


Author Endy first noticed her creative niche when she was nine years old. She’s successfully penned bestselling novels such as the In My Hood series. Her fan base has broadened, and they are dedicated to her. Her novels all wrote on real life experiences being born in Newark, NJ.

She has also been quoted as being an author who is highly underrated. She has appeared on BET’s The Five coming in at number 3. With countless interviews and quotes by the Library Journal, Endy is determined to make her mark.

In My Hood Series by Endy | A Deal with Death by Endy

Amaleka McCall

Amaleka McCall grew up in the streets of Brooklyn, New York. She earned her bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from St. John’s University and her master’s degree in public administration from John Jay College of Criminal Justice. She resides in Northern Virginia.

Myra by Amaleka McCall

Jacki Simmons

Jacki Simmons is the bestselling author of Stripped and Shot Glass Diva. She’s been featured on CBS News, The Daily News and heard on The Ed Lover and Egypt morning show. She currently resides in Harlem, NY.

Stripped by Jacki Simmons | Shot Glass Diva by Jacki Simmons

Mark Anthony

Mark Anthony is the Essence bestselling author of Paper Chasers and Dogism, and a contributor to Streets of New York. He lives in New York City with his family.

Menace by Crystal Lacey Winslow, Shannon Holmes, et. al