Author Endy first noticed her creative knack when she was nine years old.

She's successfully penned bestselling novels such as the In My Hood Trilogy and A Deal with Death.  Her fan base has broadened and they are dedicated to her. Her novels are all penned on real life experiences being born in Newark, NJ.

Often noted by the public as highly underrated, Endy has appeared on BET's The Five coming in at number 3. With countless interviews and quotes by The Library Journal, Endy is determined to make her mark.

Endy is also heavily involved with the community, multitasking and volunteering many hours helping children. For many years she has been involved with the Pop Warner Organization where she is a certified Coach for the cheer teams. She runs the entire cheer program as a cheer commissioner and Vice President for the organization. She enjoys mentoring the girls, steering them away from the fast life of which she successfully overcame. She wants to reach as many children as she can instilling helpful advice and confidence by public speaking and workshops.


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