Bad Girl Blvd 3 by Erica Hilton

Bad Girl Blvd Part 3
by Erica Hilton

Deadly By Design

An attempt on Luca’s life has left her shaken up and her new man, Clyde, left for dead. With no time to pick up the pieces, she has to act strategically and think quickly in order to outsmart her enemies.

Phaedra is no longer a ride-or-die bitch for her mentor, Luca. With Kool-Aid murdered, Phaedra feels alienated from her former crew and makes decisions she’ll soon regret. She’s in love with Clyde and wants to see Luca six feet deep.

With growing numbers of enemies and friends in short supply, Luca formulate and flawlessly execute a plan permanently destroy those who are gunning for her.


ISBN: 978-1620780435

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