Cartier Cartel by Nisa Santiago

Cartier Cartel Part 1
by Nisa Santiago

Cartier “GG” Timmons and Monya “Money” White were born to teenage mothers who were also best friends. At 15, GG formed her own crew aptly named the Cartier Cartel. Always wise beyond her years, GG observes how the corner boys hustle drugs and figures her crew could do the same. Doopie, the girls rival, isn’t about to let a few young chicks tell him he can’t get money on his own block. When he catches one of the crew members alone he gives her a severe beat-down and the girls vow revenge! The block gets hot with 5-0 when Doopie ends up dead and GG goes down for his murder. When GG returns home and reclaims her role as the crew’s leader there is a small rift between her and her crew members.


ISBN: 978-1934157183

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