Life Love & Loneliness by Crystal Lacey Winslow

Life, Love & Loneliness
by Crystal Lacey Winslow

Life, Love & Loneliness, the debut novel from Crystal Lacey Winslow, takes its reader on a tumultuous journey through the life of its main character, Lyric Devaney. Lyric is an aspiring black actress who knows exactly what she wants out of life, and who possesses the uncanny ability to manipulate others in order to achieve her goals. She has no qualms about stepping on the toes of friends, lovers, family and acquaintances that stand between her and her desires.

Lyric’s latest scheming lands her a six-figure movie deal and the film’s starring role — which she manages to steal from a friend! Lyric has nearly fulfilled her dreams. But she’s missing one thing — the Mayor of New York City! Their long-time affair has reached a turning point. Lyric, infatuated with his political status, ambition, and of course, wealth, makes a life-altering decision at the pinnacle of her career. Then tragedy strikes…


ISBN: 978-1934157411

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